Solution for professional use

pericloud® was developed for professional use in private and public institutions and for sovereign tasks with the highest demands on data protection. The system is multi-tiered and completely separates owners, providers and customers of the service. For customers, such as in the branch business, there is also the possibility to separate the monitoring in regions and locations and to customize access.


– Secured WEB services according to BSI guidelines
– Cryptography according to BSI guidelines
– Tamper-proof documentation
– Blockchain algorithm for the logbooks and video data
– Access protected database
– Consistent SSL / TLS encryption
– Encrypted video data
– Measures against attacks
– Secure infrastructure
– WEB browser and Windows workstations
– WEB browser client without additional plugins
– MS Edge, Firefox, Apple Safari and Google Chrome
– Control center and workstation software for Windows
– Can be combined with local video surveillance system
– Integrated Site plan and GIS view
– Commissioning APP for iOS and Android