SiVMS® Video Analytics

With the help of the SiVMS® Video Analysis, the handling of complex video surveillance systems is only cost-effective. In order to reliably evaluate the large number of video signals, an enormous number of specialist personnel would be needed, which would be financially rarely affordable for a company. The analysis functions largely automate this evaluation and make a rough preselection.

SiVMS® has a comprehensive set of image analysis systems for almost all monitoring tasks. For high-performance applications, for example, optimized systems are available for use with thermal imaging cameras, which combine highest detection rates with large detection ranges, especially in the dark.


SiVMS® Video Analytics Service

The SiVMS® Analytics Service extends the SiVMS® and nestore® video servers with a set of internal algorithms and interfaces to third-party video analysis systems.

SiVMS Analytics 01
SiVMS Analytics 03
SiVMS Analytics 02

SiVMS® Motion Detection

SiVMS Analytics Motion Detection

SiVMS® Tampering Detection

SiVMA Analytics Tampering Detection

SiVMS® Smoke Detection

SiVMS Analytics Smoke Detection

SiVMS® Removed and Left Item Detection

SiVMS Analytics Removed & Left Items Detection

SiVMS® License Plate Recognition

SiVMS Analytics LPR

SiVMS® Hot Spot Detection

SiVMS Analytics Hot Spot Detection

SiVMS® Object Tracking

SiVMS Analytics Object Tracking

AXIS Crossline Detection

SiVMS Analytics AXIS Crossline Detection

IPS Intrusion Detection (AXIS)

SiVMS Analytics IPS Intrusion AXIS

IPS Analytics Server

SiVMS Analytics IPSServer

iOmniscient Video Analytics

SiVMS Analytics iOmmniscient

Siemens SiteIQ Analytics

SiVMS Analytics Siemens Site IQ

Bosch IVA

SiVMS Analytics Bosch IVA


SiVMS Analytics Navtech Radar